Before the Parachute Opens by Tullio Crali 1939

Who and what is 
Ingenuity Serials?

Ingenuity Serials™ is a new publishing company that produces what we have developed and call our Graphic Serials™These are illustrated dramatic and adventure stories that consciously depart from what are commonly known as “comic books”. Our mission is to reconstruct and deliver brand new published media that brings vitality, entertainment and excitement back to the conventional comic book industry.

What we do dif​ferent from any other “comic book” company?

We love what we do and it’s been our dream and passion to produce meaningful characters that impact the reader, moving and inspiring them. To create dramatic and memorable adventure stories that we can all relate to — challenges faced by extra ordinary individuals who persevere through dire circumstances. We all strive to  make a living and to grow and globally expand Ingenuity Serials. With that being said, we will offer our high value Graphic Serials™ at modest pricing. We will not artificially inflate pricing to take advantage of our fans and supporters. Ingenuity Serials’ aim is to introduce a brand new era of illustrated media that returns to the reader compelling heroes and sheroes engaged in heroic struggles. Striving to create unique content that entertains and excites the reader to want more.

A message from one of our creators

Hi, I’m David P. Wynter, one of Ingenuity’s primary creators. I’m an old-school trained illustrator, influenced and educated by the vintage illustration techniques of old. I strive to be the best and through my pursuits, uncovered the roots of what I love — the creative style of the old Platinum and Golden-age comic books. Through their influence, I have managed to innovatively harvest and incorporate the best of what those comic book ages offered into my own style. This imaginative fusion is reflected in both the stories that I write and the art I compose, to deliver something new, vital and engaging.

How does Ingenuity work with originating content creators?

As an artist or writer, if you  created the character, then you own the character. Your hard work, creative imagination and dedication to developing a popular character are, by all inherent rights, yours. We’ve all read the tragic stories of great content creators like Bill Finger, Siegel and Shuster, Jack Kirby and others, who were swindled out of their character creation rights, which is just plain evil. Creators working at Ingenuity Serials own their original characters. We contract and collaborate with our creative staff in mutually successful agreements that benefit both parties fairly. We are not a conglomerate out to cheat artists from their full due and rightful intellectual property. We all prosper and progress from the mutual respect we have of our fans, customers and artistic/literary content creators.

I like what I see at Ingenuity and want to know more.

Easy, just click the link on our Contact Us page and drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you as an indie artist or writer, comic book fan or genuinely interested visitor.

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