David P. Wynter

Greetings, I’m David P. Wynter, one of Ingenuity Serials’ primary creators. I’m a writer and an illustrator, influenced and educated by the vintage illustration techniques of old. I’m always learning, and strive earnestly to be the best in my craft. In my pursuit of this, I have been fortunate enough to discover the roots of the brilliant and vibrant illustration techniques cultivated from the works of the golden ages of illustration and comics.  There are no better teachers!    

I’ve always been captivated by the raw, exciting and free creative style of the old Platinum and Golden-age comic books and comic strips. This sublime and imaginative genre is reflected in both the stories that I write and the art I compose, striving to express something new, vital and engaging. The love of those old simple, down-home works have made a home in my core from the moment I first encountered them. From these vital works, I’ve innovatively harvested and incorporated, the style and spirit of the best that genre offers. It lives on in my heart and mind and continuously inspires my vision and artistic endeavours.

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